MPC, a specialized CRM enterprise based on the customer center, offers solutions to satisfy both enterprises and customers. It realizes clients' expense cut and service improvement to customers, and the company will be your partner who helps you standing helping you to stand on a superior position in the age of unlimited competition.
MPC is developing necessary essential solutions for customer consulting and management. The company offers prominent CRM solutions developed by MPC itself such as TeleVoice, a CRM digital recording solution based on VoIP, and TeleWeb/TelePro, which is a consulting application specialized for Call Centers, and approved by financial institutes, telecommunications enterprises, direct marketing companies, etc.
Recently MPC, which has been keeping pace with the rapid growth of online business, has concentrating its efforts to develop eCRM solutions. It maintains the most suitable solutions for e-CRM that are intelligent solutions combining on-line and off-line; such as WizWeb, which is a CITI solution for the comprehensive customer center; WizPlus, which is a real time recommendation system developed exclusively by MPC itself; and WizPost, which is an automatic email assortment system (ERMS).
MPC's technology, which has outstanding analysis technology of Korean voice and phoneme has integrated technology of Nuance, which is is a number one company in the world for voice recognition, with the capacity of handling natural language. MPC can provide speech solutions such as tele-banking service for banks, stock exchanges, reservations and telephone guides.
MPC aims at maximized customer satisfaction (CS). MPC offers outsourcing services for the Call Center like inbound/outbound service and an agency service of on-site operation. It recently provided the Internet Call Center agency service, which makes possible to offer real time consulting, file transfer, and communications over screens for customers (who are)x using the Internet.
MPC presents a solution for an effective organization and operation of the Call Center based on an operation philosophy ' Telemarketing is harmonious integration of the state-of-the-art equipments and sensitive manpower', and is doing consulting services related to a diagnosis of call centers at present.